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LITIXEL Solar Air Wall Heater 500

Stand alone Solar Air Heating

Made in Canada

Free heating, lower heating cost; decrease your heating bill significantly.

· Standalone heating system – with integrated solar panel, there is no need to connect any external power to the fan.

· Maintenance free, system life more than 15 years.

· Temperature control – comes with thermostat to set the temperature.

· Environmental friendly, no pollution.

· High efficiency and maintenance free – as an independent system, there is no need to connect an existing heating or electrical network. It can work continuously during the day.

· Safety – no household electricity required, no heating fuel, less chance of fire.

· Fresh air – can choose fresh air from outside or air circulation within the room.

· Reduced work load on the conventional heating system which lower the heating and maintenance cost.

Each “LITIXEL 500” is $900.

Buy 2 for $1700. and save $100.

LITIXEL Solar Freezers, Fridges & Coolers

Made in Canada

Suntye Solar Panels
10W / 80W / 100W / 120W / 140W
(1000v / 1500v)

Suntye solar panels are assembled from Korean cells and have a certificate of origin from China.
The panels are certified under CE, IAF, ISO9001, and UL listed 1 (Grade A) listings.
The panels are offered in polycrystalline with a warranty of 25 years.

Suntye 10W

Suntye 80W

Suntye 100W

Suntye 120W

Suntye 140W

KuMax Solar Panels
CS3U-335 / 340 / 345P
(1000v / 1500v)

Made in Canada

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KuMax Solar Panels
CS3U-365 / 370 / 375 / 380MS
(1000v / 1500v)

Made in Canada

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