Financing off grid homes.

So your desire is to be off grid and self sufficient?
 It’s easier than you think!

Getting started could not be easier with
Litixel’s group of companies!
Each one specializes in your exact needs & desires
and is designed to change your current city frustrations
into country calm.

Imagine walking outside and seeing  beautiful landscaping,
perhaps even lakefront too!

Now listen carefully at what you don’t hear.
No traffic, no hydro line hum.  Just the sound of the wind blowing through the trees.
Your trees!

Now lets change your dreams into reality!

As you can see with the above links, there are only four clicks to reality.
But that’s only if you feel like spending hours shopping and you have the cash to do it.

We have an easier way.

Simply click on our dreams to reality link, select the style of home you desire, location, amount of financing required and presto!
The application just went thru all the proper channels.
First it went to financing, then land location services, at the same time it went to Seacan Homes to prepare your home.
We even have services to sell your current home. But you do have to do your own packing.

Click the link below then go get boxes!   We’re fast!