A Hindu massage technique, tracing back to the ancient ways of Ayurvedic Indian health care. Used for over 4,000 years to improve overall health, this massage has become more and more prevalent in recent years. It is also known as champissage or shiroabhyanga.

By using various massage strokes, treatments can be done on the parts of the body most prone to tension and stress.

These techniques are known to relieve sinus pressure, increase alertness, stimulate circulation, restore joint motion, increase mental clarity, and overall rejuvenation

Benefits include: releasing toxins from tense & knotted muscles, improving oxygen to the brain, reduces jaw ache, stimulates lymphatic drainage and aids sleep and more.  For more information email us at, educator@litixel.ca


This massage is fairly new. It was developed in the 70’s by a woman called Kudan Metha. whose vision is to help people improve the appearance of their skin.

What the therapist does is exercise the skin so that the flow of blood and oxygen distribute all over. Indian Face massage is definitely a relaxation modality but it does help with stress, anxiety and allergies by working on the sinus points plus more such as helping one to sleep better, can relieve tension headaches.

It should be done with oil that would be geared for your skin type.

The therapist also does a little bit of energy work on their client so that they could relax even more. Guaranteed some clients will fall asleep.  For more information email us at, educator@litixel.ca


Chakras are energy processors for the body that process our emotional matter, physical and spiritual. If they are out of whack then illness can manifest.

What we do is called Chakra Balancing where the client will be lying down, clothed, on a massage table with a blanket over.

The therapist takes a pendulum and places it over each Chakra to see if it is closed or open. Then places a stone geared for each Chakra on the client.

The therapist then takes a generator crystal to get rid of negative energy and then uses the generator again to draw white universal positive energy into the chakra through the crystal. For more information email us at, educator@litixel.ca

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