This is our newest product.
A specially formulated paint that conducts electricity after it dries.


Conductive Paint

Please select amount of paint?

Light up your artwork and crafts with our conductive paint

Broken electronic circuit board?   No problem.  Simply cover the circuit pathway with our conductive paint.

Rear window defogger with a broken circuit?  Paint where the wire is broken and let dry!

Painting in progress

Painting completed and lit up

  • Paint your picture (keeping in mind where you want to place your LED light bulb)
  • Poke your LED light bulb through the canvas
  • Paint your path from the light bulb to your power source (on the back side of the canvas)
  • Connect your light bulb to the painted path
  • Connect a battery or power source to the other end of the painted path
  • Add an ON/OFF switch for convenience (if your choose)
  • Impress your friends! (and clients)

More Uses

Repair a tv Remote Controller

Repair a Circuit Board

Repair a Rear Window Defogger

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