About Litixel Off-Grid products

After years of being involved in Renewable Energy products & services,
and forming a strategy to create self sufficient products, including homes, cottages and green houses,
Litixel was finally born!
Founded by two extremely creative people, Litixel is the main controller for:


LED lights are affordable due to lower power consumption. For your home, this means lower electric bills.  For your vehicle, it means lower fuel consumption.
They continue to be the pathway to success for any professional that requires night time illumination or any homeowner that requires proper lighting at reduced costs!


A Seacan Custom Built Safe House will make the ideal cottage, second home, or starter home.

A fantastic living space for a couple planning on having a large family.

Designed for ease of enlargement, a young couple can purchase a two bedroom unit, then simply add another container as their family grows!


Our Large Green houses allow you to grow a variety of vegetables & plants (including medical marijuana, cannabis, & organics).
Grow what you want . . . how you want!
Our Steel enclosures ensure an insect & rodent free environment!
Pick your vegetable the day of consumption! Nobody else handles your food but you!
What could be fresher?